Pest Photo

Stanislaw Kinelski,

Cerambycid sawyer beetle

Monochamus spp.

Cerambycid sawyer beetle (Monochamus spp.) is an insect pest.

Cerambycid sawyer beetle (Monochamus spp.) is an insect pest of Pine, Spruce and Fir. They are secondary infesters whose main damage is disfiguring wood by larval boring and tunneling in felled trees and usable trees which are weakened or dying from other causes. Plant parts attacked is the trunk. The adults are large cylindrical beetles, black, brownish-black, or reddish brown, mottled with whitish or grayish pubescence. The thorax bears a prominent spine on each side. The larvae are elongate, cylindrical, and have large gnawing mandibles. The larvae are legless.

For more information about this plant pest, see the CABI data sheet.